Coach and janitor get a show


I stayed after school so my volleyball coach could help me out with my serving. I always knew he was a big perv, but never knew how much until today. We worked about an hour and a half after practice, then he told me, I could hit the showers and head home. So, I went to the locker room, and the janitor, told me he was going to lock up, and I couldnt stay. But, he told me, he hadnt cleaned the boys locker room yet, so I could talk to the coach, and, he was sure he wouldnt have a problem with it. Well, sure enough, coach, said that would be fine, since there wasnt anyone else around, I would have my privacy. I headed back towards the showers, with my bag of clothes, and shower supplies. I started to undress, I removed my shirt, and shorts, and when I opened my bag, I realized, I forgot my towel. There I was, in my sports bra, and panties, wondering where I could find one. Then, I noticed a shelf, by the coached office, that was full of towels. As I was walking towards the shelf, coach came walking out of his office, and startled me. I told him I forgot my towel, and he was more than happy, to bring a couple to me. Then, to my surprise, he followed me back to where the showers were, and started talking to me, about how much my game had improved, and how I was close to becoming a starter on the team, if I kept up all the hard work. After about 10 minutes, of the coach, staring at my bra covered tits, and my panties, I told him, it was about time I showered, and he told me, to go right ahead. So, I picked up my towels, and took them into the shower stalls with me, where I stripped down, and turned on the water. Then I realized, in my rush to escape the coaches wandering eyes, I had forgotten to grab my soap abd shampoo, so I ducked out to grab them, and the coach was still sitting there, and now he was talking to the janitor.

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   I knew their game, so I gave them all they wanted. I went to my bag, that was on the floor, and I bent all the way over, with my back to them, and fumbled around in my bag, for about 15 seconds. I knew they could see everything, and I didnt care. I told them, if they wanted to see me naked, they didnt need to sneak around like they were, they just needed to ask. So, then they followed me into the shower room, and watched me soap up, and wash my hair. I made sure, I spent alot of time, on my nice tits, and bent over alot. I could see the bulges in their pants, getting bigger, so I kept on giving them, all they could see. As, I had my head back, rinsing the shampoo from my hair, I looked back at them, and they had their cocks out, stroking them. So, I walked over to them, and asked them if they liked what they saw, and they just smiled, as they held their cocks in their hands. All they did was smiled. So, I told them, I would take care of the rest, and I droppped to my knees, and took coaches cock, in my mouth. I rotated back and forth, until they were ready to blow their loads. Then I told them the rest was up to them, and I laid back on the shower floor, and spread my legs, so they could see my tight pink snatch. They both knelt beside me, and started stroking. Coach shot his cum all over my face and neck, right as the janitor shot his all over my titties, and flat stomach.

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   I started the next game!!!!!!!!!!!!