In girls' toilet


Let me introduce myself first. My name is Keith and I'm from Singapore. I'm currently 16 and study in a secondary school.
 My school is mixed - girls and boys and the girls wear yellow blouse and blue skirt which is the standard school attire. I always have this liking for this girl named Lynnette. She's beautiful fair legs, and perfectly-shaped breasts.
 Last week, we stayed overnight in school for a camp. I think we had too much to do and Lynnette fell sick. So I stayed with her while the rest of the class went out to play.
She told me she needed to go to the toilet and I acknowledged. She brought a bag along but I didn't know what's inside.  I felt a sense of excitement and my penis became erected as I imagined her in the toilet. I silently tailed her and entered the toilet which was on the 4th floor.
 I approached the closed cubicle and slowly bent down and peeked. Lynnette was sitting on the toilet bowl. Her skirt was down and she wore pink panties with stripes.

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   I stared hard and started rubbing my penis as she urinated. I thought I caught a glimpse of her vagina, not very hairy though.
My god, I was like over-excited. She got up and flushed the toilet bowl. I continued and waited. She reached for her bag and took out her home clothes and removed her blouse. She wore a white bra and she removed it to change to a sports bra. Oh my, her breasts were beautiful. Her nipples were rounded and pointy and I was just rubbing my penis furiously.
 She got changed and I quickly left the toilet and headed back. Lynnette never knew I spied on her and it is kept a secret.

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