Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 21/4 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 When the hell will he fuck totally gutted after that last event. I was so sure he was about to fuck my wife only to see her then suck him dry with her mouth. Then she really pissed me off by saying she"d intended to let him. What a bitch? but god did I love this woman. She wasn't a nympho,but I think she was running pretty close to it! When will he fuck her? Will I bear witness to it? What a bummer if he gets her when I"m not there to watch!
 Just after this a strange set of circumstances occured. I"d arranged to take a Friday off shift to make a long weekend to do a particular DIY item. The day started as so many did with me and Jackie playing with each other. We hadn"t got to fuck yet but knew we had plenty of time as Den who was going to help me was not aware I"d arranged any time off and as he knew I was on early"s would get here in plenty of time he said. I guessed about 12, so at ten jackie had gone to get us both a cup of tea to wash the sex from our mouths.
 Having gone downstairs in just a pair of PJs for modesty and only put on for this purpose, partly because my parents now had a business about 200yds down from our house,thus my mother was prone to knocking at inopportune times. Right on cue,there"s a knock on the door. I faintly heard this then listening intently to get an idea who or what it was about. I heard the interior passage door close and closer now I could hear a low male voice.
 Now listening more intently I still couldn"t make out who it may be but as Jackie made no indication of needing me by shouting,it became obvious she could deal with it. I was more correct about this than I dreamed.

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   Hearing some weird sounds and hushed talk drifting up the staircase,curiousity getting the better of me,I snuk out of bed and listening by the door, Jackie was saying,"No I"m a happily married woman,don"t! Richards upstairs anyway" Quietly opening the door,I crept to where I could see down to where they were. It was Den, I realised immediately he"d come to do his devilish deed on Jackie before I got home.
 The swine! I thought, as my beast tried to poke out the slit in my pants almost like a third eye looking for the action. On his reckoning he"d given himself 2 to 3 hours to get her. Fuck there was no way she"d hold out that long even if she intended to, he had her for sure today. Our passage had a small kink of about a foot or so to keep its width past the bottom of the staircase. I often screwed Jackie there,in fact it was made for screwing a woman because she couldn"t escape very well if she had chosen to.
 At this moment this was where Den had Jackie cornered. He was saying, "She (Ginny) doesn"t understand my needs,I know you do because we"re so alike,you know needing lots of sex,please take pity on my hardon and let me do you" "No! you don"t listen,Richards upstairs I told you!" Not listening but showing his impatients he unbuttoned his fly and then started to wrestle his hands up the front of Jackie"s PJs. Jackie was doing her best to stop him as she suddenly realised I was at the top of the stairs watching. She continued to wrestle with his hand up her clothes,while these hands were now intent on unbuttoning her front.
 Hand signalling with my fingers and with exaggerated mouth movement, "DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP HIM?" A hesitant NO! was returned, to which my cock burst from my pants in joy oozing love juice and pulsing powerfully. Seeing this Jackie gave a sly grin at me. Fuck she"s going too! Her resistance was less but still much hindering Den"s progress. By now her top was wide open and her nipples looked like two organ stops they were so hard.

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   Den was also at her mouth and neck,cunning bastard he"d twigged Jackie lost it when neck sucked. His cock was solid as iron and bobbing about with a mind of its own.
 With all the facial activity he"d slipped Jackies PJ top off her shoulders which now was partly tethering her arms to her sides as he sucked her nipples and flobbed her tits. On tugging to remove her PJ bottom Den was in control because of her limited arm movement. She could hold the sides but not stop him pulling down the front of them to play with her pussy. As he got the front low enough, I could see her pubes above his hand as he squeezed her now juicy cunt,pulling his hand away a second I could see his palm was soaking with Jackies juices.
 "Fuck you"re soaking wet already" (Course she was I"d just been playing with it for hours) Holding his cock with one hand he started to try to fuck her. Looking in my direction,she said, "No not yet,do that thing to me you done up inside with your finger last time" "Why? you"re already ready and god do I need a fuck?" "No do it pleease, I can"t stop you once you make me cum like that and honest I don"t want my conscience to stop me this time" Strangely he said "It didn"t last time" "You know when I mean" my wife says looking up to me again.
 By now Jackie is squirming and jiggling on his fingers so much I notice as she turns more than before he has his other hand in her ass crack, "No! not in my bum,pleease nooo!" I can see this hand is all wet from her pussy juice and at least one of Den"s fingers is well up her asshole. "I need to because it makes your cunt more receptive to touching your G spot" Ah! so thats what it is!
 Jackie"s body explodes into an orgasm, "Noooooooooooooo, Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I"m Cuuuuuuuuuming,Fuck Nooooooooooo Moooooore,Pleeease Noooooooo,More I"m begggggging yooooooooou. By now her PJ bottom has long ago fallen to the floor,she"s struggling with Den"s trousers,as before as they drop,no pants and his ball bag is as hard as a boy before puberty. Standing now with her legs wide open, "Come oooooon,puuuuut it in for fuuuuuuucks sake" grabbing his cock and pointing it at her cunt she gasps "NOW PUSH,NOW!NOW!NOOOW! UUGH!" as it slid into my wifes welcoming cunt.
 Den"s hands were digging into Jackies ass cheeks as he strained every sinue in his body in cumming up my wife instantly on entering her pussy, "God you"re so tight compared to Ginny" he lied. They were about the same! (I should know shouldn"t I) By now both their pussies were,firmly clasping but not tight as in virginal! Jackie; "No,you can"t stop now,make me cum some more you bastard" In fairness he did, I"d already cum as Jackie watched me pound my beast and squirt spunk all over the stairs while she grinned between orgasms which made her squeeze her eyes shut each time in concentration.
 He was hammering away in her and the squelching coming from them was sensational and getting me back to full hardness.

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   What to do with my cock? I wanted to join them but this was not the right time to go to that step! So I clenched both my hands in a double fist,dropped my pants off then resting against the bannister, fucked my man meat into my palm as though it was Jackie"s Quim.
 Meanwhile they both began to slow down. Expecting this to be the end of the show,I eased back from my vantage point. "You were having me on,if Dicky had been upstairs,he"d had stopped us from doing that" "Would he now? Don"t put your money on it" What does that mean? "Nothing!" "He doesn"t know we go this far does he? What if he told Ginny?" "I"d have to look for another cock to deputize for yours,cause you"d be dead.  Though, on the other hand, you could always let him fuck his cousin! your wife"
 "I wouldn"t be surprised if he hasn"t already, Ginny seems to know a lot about what he gets up to with you". . . "No,I bet that"s because I talk to your mother-in law about things and she probably tells your wife. You don"t half panic for a bloke getting no puss,puss from your wife,or is that just a ploy to get in my knickers,you horny bastard?" "You haven"t told Ginnys mother I"ve fucked you" Stupid sod,how could she? you"ve only just fucked her for the first time. (I thought no more of this till the missus wrote her bit,then it made sense)
 My senses sharpened as I heard Den say, "Ready to go again?" "What do you think?" "Come on then,where shall we do it" "Here on the floor,Naked" Fuck,thats chancy with my mother living so close. She,Jackie must really be into two cock fucking,even if it is on separate occasions. As luck would have it,or more likely by Jackie"s cunning, they"re positioned right at the bottom of the stairs with Den"s back to my position. She"s in a kneeling down position and moving forward as he trys to mount her. Stopping perfectly positioned he,just like a dog is jabbing at her trying to let it hit her hole. He lifts a hand to steady his meat,Jackie senses this saying,"No,let it do it in an ordinary doggy manner" Letting his cock go again while still jabbing at her he says, "I"ll come off in a minute for fucks sake!" "Let it I wont mind it all over my ass, NO,not up there,thats my asshole" "I know,can"t I just a little bit?" "NO,you fucking can"t, NO! stop that now or I won"t let you finish me off, now,even Rich hasn"t stuck it up my ass"
 "Why not?" "I don"t know and don"t go putting thoughts in his head about that just so you can get a chance too after he has, neither" Lying toad,she knows I"m still watching and listening upstairs.

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  She"s the one putting the thought in my head.  From my rear view of the action,I saw all his cock sliding at her crinkly hole and one time she seemed tempted to have it up there because as his cock caught her puckered rim bit she was thrusting back in search of his cock with her pussy and I swear he got about an inch inside her but she jerked it back out.
 Now he was lined up and with a thrust he sunk it up my wifes cunt to the hilt, "Fuck go on harder and longer like you do,fuck you" I find Jackie"s foul mouthing is a real turn on and it obviously was for Den. "Come on you whore,milk me you fucking whore" "No fuck me you fucking dirty wife fucker,fancy raping and fucking your best mates wife you filthy bastard,wait till he gets home he"ll fuck your ass in reprisal" Bloody hell thats a new line,whats in her mind right now?
 Wriggling and twisting his cock out of her I just couldn"t believe it. Jackie had robbed him of his orgasm inside of her. But no he hadn"t shot over her unlike me in my palm. Then she was on her back ,"Do it this way,go on,give me your baby" Fuck! talk about animal lust! he flew back into her and fucked her stupid, his asshole was there for the taking, and I"d be lying if I denied that at this moment I was sorely tempted to dash down on his back and rape his puckered hole as he was going for broke in my wifes squelching cunt. (I"d never ever thought about a man"s hole before Jackie mentioned it!)
 Jackie was in control of his and my cock,no doubt about it. I"m sure her last move was intended to get Den raped as he impregnated her with a baby. She did deny this later,but I was beginning to pick up tale,tale clues to her lying here and there. Den burst his seed into Jackie as she humped his cock while looking directly at me she had the most gigantic orgasm around his cock making me shoot again. As her eyes opened and seeing my jism all over my hand she, grinning while doing a hand motion behind his back of which it either meant,rub it in Dens ass and fuck him as he lay collapsed on her tits,or save it to rub into my cunt in a bit.
 No! later she said it was indicating his sperm were going round and round in her looking for an egg. mmmm! I knew now we,Den and me were destined to have her together some time. How or when who knows? At the moment,Den lay with his cock still soaking in their mutual juices.

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   Later this weekend,our sex life changed direction yet again to my consternation!
 That"s for later though.

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