Molly gets her cherry plucked part 5


     Molly woke up, looked at her clock, and the lighted dial read 3 AM. She felt a bit fuzzy headed, then remembered, David had taken her last cherry. She remembered the feeling of her asshole getting stretched open, as David slid his cock in. The valium and vodka had really dulled down the initial penetration, but now she could feel the soreness of her asshole recovering from its opening. Molly hoped it wouldn't be the only time, she had a feeling that her asshole would adjust, if only she got enough use. She realized also, that she wanted David to do her again, she wanted David to do her a lot more than just once or twice more, she wanted to share him with her sister. Now, how well Judi would take to that, hmmm, of course, she had enough information to blackmail them, but she didn't want to force it like that. Molly burrowed back under the covers, and drifted off, a smile on her lips.

     In Judi's bedroom, Judi was awake, and thinking some thoughts along that line. She had discovered that she had a very strong voyeuristic streak, she couldn't get enough of watching David fuck Molly's sweet teen body. Judi was thinking about how she wished she could borrow David's cock, and get to ride her little sister, the sensations must be incredible. Hmmm. . . well, it might not be like having her very own cock, but a dildo? Yes, a dildo, a strap-on dildo, so David could have his wish come true. We could give Molly a dual penetration ride.


   David would love it, he'd been hinting to get one of his buddies to join him and give Judi a DP. Judi had refused, she had no interest in having one of his horny buddies get a piece of her. And, if one of his buddies was clumsy, or just too damn horny, and he one the one to take her up her back door, she could envision getting a virtual ass rape, and she'd kill both of them. David may be a horn dog, but he really cared about Judi, and had quickly stopped any hints once Judi had made it clear that his friends were not welcome in her bed. Oh yes, we'll give Molly her very first DP, then, Judi could get her first DP, also. She was sure that Molly would want to strap on the dildo, and ride her sister like she'd just been ridden. Judi pulled the bed covers back up, snuggled against David, and drifted off.

     The phone ringing at 10 AM awakened her, as she had a phone extension in her bedroom, she quickly scooped it up.

     "Hello Judi, how's my girl?" her Mom's voice said.

     "We're fine Mom, everything's okay here, how was your night?" Judi said, imagining the hot, wild hotel sex that had gone on in their room.

     "It was wonderful!" her Mom exclaimed, and Judi grinned, thinking, yeah, I'll bet it sure was!

     Her Mom continued, "That's why I'm calling you, if things are okay, your Dad and I would like to stay another night. The room's available for tonight, and we had such a good time, we'd like to stay over. "

     Judi had a mental picture of her parents as Adam and Eve, totally nude, having nibbled at the forbidden fruit last night, were eager for another bite.

     Judi grinned at the image as she said, "Yeah, no problem Mom, we'll take care of everything, have a great time!"

     Her Mom gave a satisfied sigh as she said, "We will, I have to go now, I think your Dad wants something from me! Goodbye sweetheart. "

     She heard her Mom giggle with pleasure, and she heard her Dad growl with pleasure, "Suck my cock, sweetheart" just before the phone hung up, and it gave Judi a warm feeling, to know that her parents were still so much in love, and still so eager for each other's bodies in the throes of sexual bliss.

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   She thought about herself, about David still asleep next to her, could he be the one? Would she find someone to love her whole life with? Would they still be hot and doing it at the same age as her Mom and Dad?

     David opened his eyes, and Judi told him the good news, that her Mom and Dad were staying over, and they had Molly all to themselves for another day.

     David was fired up, another night with Molly, and Judi wanted him and her to double team her. Hot damn, David thought, what a setup. He knew he was one lucky guy, having Judi and Molly both hot and eager for him, and for having a girlfriend that allowed him such latitude. The fact that Judi couldn't stop looking at him when he and Molly were fucking was not lost on him. As long as Judi was so hooked on watching, he'd be more than happy to be the one she wanted to watch.

     Molly had been awakened by the phone, and was up with Judi and David. Downstairs, around the breakfast table, Judi told Molly that they were going to break another of Molly's virginities, now that Mom and Dad were away for another day. Molly looked puzzled.

     Judi giggled, "I bet you'll love it baby! I need to go out and buy something, I won't be too long. And then after that, you can break my virginity in that area, also!"

     Molly was starting to simmer, whatever it was, it sounded great. David and Judi hopped into his car, and at the local Adult Toy store, they perused the items.

     Judi quickly saw what looked exactly right. Fire engine red, 8 inches long, looking just like a real cock, and a matching red harness that looked like a bikini bottom, perfect, and she shivered at the idea that both Molly and her were going to experience that. She had another idea, and she bought a Joni's Butterfly, that wonderful vibrating toy that she had read about.

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   It was a soft plastic blue cup slightly smaller than her palm, with a soft nub lined with shallow grooves on the concave side. A pair of elastic straps were attached to the edges, a detachable clip, and a wireless black plastic case, a little larger than a cigarette lighter, came with it. The box touted the benefits of a variable speed control, and pleasuring your eager pussy, with no wires in the way. Judi could feel the need rising, it looked like it would fit the contours of her hips very snugly, she had the idea that she could wear it, and vibrate herself to pleasure while she was plugging one of her sister's hot, horny holes.

     "Ah, Joni's Butterfly, an excellent choice," the saleslady said to her.

     She was happy to explain how the straps went around a woman's hips and would hold the vibrating nub snug against the outer folds of Judi's vagina. It didn't penetrate at all; it wasn't designed to.

     "That's why the woman who invented it called it a Butterfly. The sensation is like a butterfly lightly brushing its wings against you. The straps hold it in place, leaving your hands totally free. And, with a wireless remote control, you can dial up as much pleasure as you can stand, without having to hide a wire. And, with the detachable clip, you can clip it to the straps, and use your hands for better things than holding on to the control", she said, with a sexy smile.

     She went on to describe how the device could be worn undetected beneath ordinary clothing. Judi's mind was racing with the possibilities, a gentle, feminine vibrator that could continually arouse her even when she was fucking Molly's sweet entrance.

Judi could feel the lust starting to build, she was happy to add that to her purchases.



     Back home again, and Molly, Judi and David jumped in the shower together, David got a double dose of pleasure as he got to soap down both sisters, his hands gliding, caressing, and stroking at the incredibly hot teen sisters.

     "Wash our pussies and assholes real good, David" Judi told him.

     Happy to do so, David's cock throbbed at the soft cries and gasps of pleasure as his fingers did exactly that.

     Molly could feel the rising surge of lust, as Judi and her turned their attentions to David, listening to his growls as his cock and asshole were soaped down and made squeaky clean.

     Toweled off, and in the bedroom, Judi grinned as she produced the strap on and the Butterfly with a flourish, and enjoying the look in Molly's eyes. She pulled on the butterfly, and after a few adjustments to tighten and position the harness, the grooved nub pressed delicately against the outer folds of Judi's labia. The dildo harness fit easily over the butterfly, and Molly's eyes widened even more as Judi fit the 8 inches into place. The dildo and harness pressed the butterfly tightly against her, now pressed snugly into the folds of her labial lips. Judi could feel her juices slick up, as she told her sister what was going to happen.

     "Okay sis, here's what you're going to enjoy now. David and I are going to give you a double penetration. We are going to fuck both your pussy and your asshole at the same time. If you can't handle it, tell us the word neon. That will be what is called a safe word, just say that, and it will stop. Sound okay baby?" Judi cooed.

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     Molly was so hot and horny at this point, she was game for just about anything. She nodded eagerly, and Judi and David swarmed all over her body, giving her a double dose of foreplay. Molly was feeling exciting tremors spreading through her, moans and gasps escaping her lips as she was stimulated. She felt soft, wet tongues licking at her fiery well of pleasure and the rose shaped pucker of her tight asshole.

     "Ok David, lay back, let Molly mount you, then I'll plug Molly from behind" Judi directed.

     His cock pointing skyward, David watched the exciting sight of Molly's naked body, squatting over his prick, ready to slide down. Her pussy was totally bare, Molly had loved the look of her sister's bare pussy so much that she was now shaving her pussy, she loved the look and feel of her smooth, hairless mound. Molly notched her entrance against David's cock, and slid down, letting out a squeal of pleasure as she impaled herself, sinking down, loving the feel of her tight walls being spread open, taking him in right to the balls.

     David let out his own growl as he felt the tight clutch of Molly's pussy taking him in. Damn she was so tight, so gripping, it made his cock sizzle.

     "Ok Molly, lay forward upon me" David directed.

     As she did so, her reached down, clutched the globes of her ass, and pulled them apart. Judi felt a surge of heat, Molly's incredibly tight asshole, so twitchy, looking like a bulls-eye for her dildo. She lubed up her dildo, eager to mount her sister. Judi switched on her butterfly, starting at a low setting, and clipped it to her strap-on harness, eager to dive into the incest pool again.

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   The hum was almost inaudible, and the sensation wickedly sensual. The soft, grooved nub warmed to Judi's body and began a delicate, feather-like caress of her sex, massaging, urging, playing with her slick, heated spot.

     Holding her breath and moaning slightly as the marvelous feeling drove against her,  Judi nudged the dildo against Molly's tight hole, and started to push, very, very slowly.

     Molly felt the pressure, then the head of the dildo slipped in. She could feel the stretch, she was getting stretched to the max, it was past her comfort zone, but she  wanted to take it, eager to get a double penetration. She didn't want to wimp out, and she keep her teeth gritted as Judi gave it to her with a thankfully slow reaming. She felt both her holes, one filled, the other getting filled, and she could feel the pressure of the cock and dildo against each other through the wall between them. It was an amazing feeling, and with a final push, Judi buried the last 2 inches in, bringing a loud grunt from Molly.

     "Oh my god, I've never been so filled, fuck, it's kinda painful, hold still for a bit Judi, let my ass loosen up a bit. "

     Judi did as she was asked, holding rock solid still while Molly worked on relaxing, relaxing. Even though her sister could be a brat sometimes, Judi loved her very much, and would never cause her pain.

     While Molly worked on relaxing herself, Judi reveled in the feeling coursing through her. Contracting her inner muscles in response, she felt her juices start to churn, and she concentrated on contracting and relaxing the muscles of her fiery walls and felt the slickness of her juices really start to flow.

     Molly was thinking, Wow, what a feeling, having both holes filled was wild. Molly thought she'd really enjoy it, if her tight ass would just loosen up.

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   She put all her concentration into it, and finally, she felt a bit of give, she pulled forward slightly, then pushed her hips back. It felt better, so she worked on that. She was starting to feel that warm glow of heat, way down deep, the pain was being crowded out by the warm wave of pleasure that was starting to lap at her.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, I think I can take it now" she grunted, "Judi, gave me some thrusts, slow and gentle please".

     Judi gripped Molly's hips, and started to pump slowly, slowly in and out of her sister's extra tight ass. Judi thrust her pelvis back and forth, grinding her hips in slow, deliberate circles. The little device nestled tight against Judi's sex all the way, staying with her, never skipping a pulse. Molly was letting out little gasps, of pleasure she hoped, still, she had not used the safe word.

     Molly could feel that warm pleasure building, she started to hump David's cock, pumping her hips up and down, sliding her pussy up and down David's cock. Judi adjusted to the rhythm, as Molly slid down David's cock, the pumping action of her hips also shoved the hard dildo up her tight asshole, Judi was only to happy to push the rest of it in. Molly was now getting both her tight holes fucked at the same time, and it was glorious. She could feel vibrations from Judi's dildo, as Judi dialed up her Butterfly to a higher setting. She felt wonderfully stuffed, the pleasure was almost beyond description, she could feel her entire body trembling as David and Judi gave it to Molly. Her pussy was starting that quivering deep down, her ass was throbbing from the reaming of Judi's dildo.

     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, it's way beyond good, it feels GREAT!" Molly grunted.

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     With the constant, light pulsations of the butterfly, Judi's breaths grew deeper. She could feel her nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolas reddened and needing attention.
     David could feel the tight clamp of Molly's pussy, and the rubbing of Judi's dildo sliding up and down, rubbing against his prick, and he could feel the need building, he knew he was ready to blow a gusher.

     Judi was now holding Molly's body tightly against her, giving her ass a doggy style reaming. The two sisters were moving in tandem, as Judi hands fondled Molly's breasts, stroking and tweaking her nipples into steel hard, excited numbs, Judi was rubbing her stiff, hardened nipples against Molly's back, and Judi's head was looking over Molly's left shoulder, watching the expressions of pleasure on David's face. David opened his eyes, saw Judi's face shining, her eyes glowing with lust, sweet bliss playing across her face, and he could feel the climax starting to build, it was almost upon him, fuck, his straining cock felt like a volcano, ready to explode.

     Judi growled with pleasure as she rubbed her stiff, achy nipples against Molly's back, sending pulses of pleasure to her steaming hot center. The Butterfly nudged Judi insistently toward erotic delight. Judi's sex was aching for release, soaked with the slickness of her juices, her scent reaching her nose and turning her on more. Judi could feel the pressure build, her body was virtually throbbing.

     Three passengers were on the orgasm express, and they raced towards their destination.

     Judi got there first, the vibrating nub grinding gently against her pushing her to climax. Her hips began thrusting faster, pressing tighter against her sister's back, rubbing her throbbing, reddened nipples, squirming her body along the length of Molly's back, and Judi let out a long howl of pleasure as she felt the waves of orgasm come quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably, her body shaking in ecstasy.

     That set David off, and he grunted and growled as he felt his load race up the shaft, then David was cumming, too, his cock erupting deep inside Molly's velvet heat.

     The feel of David's load gushing hotly into her, the feel of her Judi's bare breasts, her hard, stiff nipples rubbing against Molly's back, and the feel of her sister's naked body against her back, squirming and rubbing hotly against her, stroking her throbbing tits, set Molly off too, and she went racing into orgasm, panting like a race horse, she started squealing as she went over the edge.

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   Her pussy and asshole were throbbing, contracting like crazy, eager to get every last bit of sensation out of it. She grunted, let out a loud shriek of pleasure, and her body started to shake and quiver as she rode it, feeling the pleasure go on and on.

      David's cock felt the milking grip, his cock gushing again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum jetting into Molly's sweet tight heat. His orgasm felt almost endless too, thrusting and grunting, his cock jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered Molly's insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into her very depths, spilling the biggest load of cum he had ever unloaded. His ears were ringing, fuck, the sensation was almost too much.

     Judi switched off her Butterfly, she had been on another plane of pleasure with that sensual delight purring away between her thighs. She lifted Molly up, and as her pussy came away from David's cock, she slid under, and she could see Molly's pussy lips, soaked with her juices and David's spunk. Judi reached up, parted her lips, and she could see her pussy full of David's cream, he had really filled up Molly's horny fuck-hole.
Judi pulled her down on her mouth, and she could feel the huge huge gush of spunk slide right out of her, as David's load started to pour into Judi's eager mouth. Judi swallowed, swallowed, wanting to suck out every drop.

     Molly could feel the loving licks of her sister right at her most tender spot. She looked down, saw her sister giving her the loving licks, and felt a huge rush of love for Judi. Molly reached down, running her fingers gently through Judi's hair, she gently cradled Judi's head in her hands, and held her against her steamy opening. Molly could feel it racing back at her, and she felt the burst of orgasm, as she came again in a long, slow, blissful, wrenching wave of pleasure, letting out guttural howls of pleasure, her pussy contracting, over and over until she had to pull free of that hot, lapping tongue or go mad from the pounding sensory rush. They collapsed together in a heap of well spent bodies.

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