Topic: MY SLUTTY GRANDAUGHTER.  My slutty grandaughter.
 Yes she certainly was that,but I got a real shock at just how slutty she could visited as usual and after a while my daughter on my saying I needed a pee,moved on to her PC. while I proceeded to the upstairs toilet. Having had my piss,I stopped at the top of the stairs,having noticed my grandaughter blatantly necking with a kid about her age. I say blatant because in broad daylight they were stood in the middle of the close road as she kissed and groped at each other. His hands were one moment between their bodies and the next gripping at her ass cheeks,although in this case her jacket being tied around her waist hid exactly what he was doing to her bum. Enough to say as he played,she thrust her pelvis towards his groin as though she was tempting his cock.
 While this was going on her mates and sibling sisters were moving about to the side of these two and watching intently at the action,as by now was I. I admit too my dick giving me a twinge in my pants as they titavated each other. Distracted by my daughter, "You okay up there?" - "Yeah,just surveying your country scene from up here" - they lived in a village. - "Be back with you when you're finished,just responding to my chat mates" I knew these chat mates were several blokes that were intent as I saw it in getting into my daughters knicker's while her husband was at work. I also realised that when engrossed in this activity,daughter became oblivious to all around her.
 So I looked on at what these two were up too. In my distraction,they had turned around and this lad was now at her back and was drooped over her shoulder obviously talking into her ear while she in turn had her hands behind her moving them between their bodies. Her eyes were innocently scanning up and down the street, - Oh so blandly, - while all the while I could tell her brain was deeply engrossed in what was happening at her hands.

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   I had a fair idea myself as I saw one of the two siblings nudge the other and they both moved sideways clearly to get a better look at what she was about.
 The grin indicated to me they were looking at the lads cock. Almost at the same time the older smooching girls hand illustrated by her elbow started a wanking motion. I admit this now affected me,in as much as my dick started making precum. I was amazed at this grandaughters blatant act. Although the lad tried to steady himself,he couldn't stop dry fucking at her rear.  Then she stopped and fumbling I suspected that she was putting his cock back in his trousers to stop any mess going on her skirt. - How cool was that? - again now her hand fumbled and then started the wanking action,she was finishing him off with his sperm going inside his clothes I reckoned.
 Anyway,his face gave the game away as it distorted into a 'I'm cumming distortion. ' They now stood and he was zipping back up,then she moved away smiling at her siblings and the oldest one whispered to her and in turn she held her hand out allowing both to look at whatever was in it. She disappeared for a while behind a garage,then came back with her hand rubbing against the garage's concrete back as she re-appeared. At this moment a larger somewhat older lad appeared from the open end of the close.
 Smiling now at this lad,my grandaughter started to talk and flirt with him while her original bow stood by her. Now I already knew all these girls were boy mad,but I assumed nievely it was just kissing stuff. So this bigger lad done just that,he moved on to her and started kissing,but quite quickly she again turned around and as he loomed over the back of her,she fumbled around between their bodies.

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   But as opposed to the first lad,this one had no problem putting his hands down over her shoulders to her front and I could plainly see that as she again had a look of innocents scanning the street,he in turn was clearly rubbing her cunt as she just couldnt stop wriggling as he got her going.
 Her fumbling was more erratic as I knew she was trying to get his dick out and in no time her elbow gave the game away as she again was enjoying giving another cock a wank. He now was dragging her towards a garden wall. His back stopped against it and he rubbed her harder, her head was nodding a NO, - I could only assume he was asking her to go behind the garage to be fucked,because she was now wanking him frantically as he wrestled to get her to comply. All stopped as he fucked at her rear,she'd fixed him. His ass stopped its girations,she'd made him shoot off.
 I made my way back down the stairs and on passing my daughter she said, "In a mo' just explaining something to this person" - "What's his name I quipped" - Almost indignantly she said, "You were looking,that's naughty" My guts turned,till I realised she meant,looking at her PC. - at who she was chatting to, not her daughter wanking cock. - "I don't need too,you wont change now" Her head flipped towards me,giving a guilty grin. While I was more intent on warning grandaughter about what I saw on her skirt. Although her siblings may make her aware, I knew they had a habit of dropping each other in the shit with their mother and this was a perfect opportunity not to be missed.
 I caught her at the back gate,she was obviously heading into her home. - "Your back! don't let her see that!" A quick pull of her skirt followed by a dirty little grin said it all,whispering - "Thanks. I seen you,you were watching me" I flushed up,what a cunning little bitch she was. She was giving her own grandfather a show! I felt as guilty as hell.

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   Worse followed. As she pressed past me she gripped my cock and squeezed it several times,whispering, "Thought you'd be harder than that by now" She scurried off after a devilish look back at my cherry red cheeks,I felt so guilty,I buggered off down their garden to cool off.
 On my return,daughter was still computering. "Mum,just in the shower a mo' where's my black thong?" I'd got to the bottom of the stairs just as she went through the bathroom door and clearly she had her top clothes off,skirt for obvious reasons and her current thong showed me a perfect pair of ass cheeks. The cheeky cow spotted me and smiling stuck her tongue out at my gloating of her ass. I concluded,any male was fair game in her obsession with sex.
  A while later I stood behind my daughter,she was still oblivious to all around her when grandaughter reappeared romping down the stairs in just a dressing gown. I say in just this gown because what next happened proved it and could have seen me off. On getting near me as I again stood directly behind but away from my daughter,this young slut moved close and squeezed my dick again. Looking Oh so innocent as she did it,it was over in a second,but more followed,grabbing my hand in another split second she pulled it inside her gown and I felt a really bushy pubic area as she pressed my fingers at her slit. I tell you! I shit myself! If daughter had realised,we'd be dead I figured.
 Though I desperately wanted to linger,I pulled my hand free. Almost undetectable with her mouth against my ear. "That's a thanks, - Mum I'm going up the park with my mates,okay" - "What?- Oh yeah, - You conspiriting or summut?" - "No,I'll take a stroll seeing you're into your computer,gives you a chance before he comes home does it?" A flashed glance with a wary shush finger was what I got as I again seen a flash from my grandaughter behind her mothers head as she shot back upstairs intent on re-joining her mates.
 I equally had an intent,I knew where she was off too and I was sure she wanted me to see her enjoying even more of her antics.

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   If not it didn't matter,she just wouldn't be where I expected her to be. I took their dog with me. Good cover I thought in case she had her siblings still in tow,but I guessed correctly her reason for this plan was that they wouldn't follow.
 I obviously got there ahead of her and sat on a seat,not really obscure but more in a seclusion. Then she appeared with both her lads in tow. "Hello grandad,didn't realise you'd be up here,we're going over by the hall,see you" Like hell she didn't,I guessed it was for the benefit of her blokes,so off she went. I admired her pert little ass cheeks as her almost to tight short shorts eccentuated the young woman wiggle,turning back as she went,her camel toe wasn't lost on me either. The two horny toads must have already had hard on's up to their chins with her flouting her sexual attractions. I DID!
 Slutty,I now had no doubt,she wasn't just slutty,she was an exhibitionist. Then she broke away and darted back, "You won't tell mum if I let you see,will you grandad?" - "Course not,I thought that's what you were at" She was gone. Back now with the lads. Not twenty yards away she went against the hall wall and started kissing first one and then the other. She wriggled as they without hesitation,knowing I could see them,both were fondling her boobs and getting straight to the point pulled them out and sucked them. I realised they were not being overlooked so no one could see me as I gloated at her performance. Now rubbing at her camel toe,before long they equally were pulling those shorts away and down then her black thong followed them down her thighs.


   They were working on her neck as I took in the very large dark brown patch of her pubes.
 Having had a furtive feel of this just a bit earlier, I was amazed at the mass of it,she had a huge pubic bush for a girl of sixteen. As they both felt her naked pussy my bulge ached to be stroked but I fought it off,I was sure she intended to let me watch her getting fucked. I didn't have long to wait. As their fingers worked their magic on her young clit she fumbled first with one then the others fly until she had two cocks out and in her hands wanking them in unison. The big kid took time out to drop his trousers away completely and almost cheekily he looked at me as he rubbed his cock against her bush,then like a porn star he bent and thrust his large cock,- large being about seven inches as near as I could tell. Deep into her,as this happened the other lad stood for a while with her slowly now pulling him off.
 Then a comment from my grandaughter and he pressed at her from the rear. They manipulated her until she was against the big lad as he pumped at her pussy and the smaller one was behind with his back towards me and the big lad was now thrusting powerfully into her. The smaller lads ass stiffened and I saw as he jerked his cock hard at her bum until he stopped pressing and on moving off her ass it was just in time to see her ass jerking backwards as the thrusts into her quim were heading to a climax. The thrusts were making her yelp and with an extra powerful push she shook in orgasmic bliss as the lad poured his sperm deep inside her. With glistening cock he pulled from her and as she turned looking staight at me her pussy mound was also glistening with his jism around the pert now clearly visible hole of her quim. As if to prove what a slut she was she turned and bent enough for me to see the lad at her backs cum stuck up between her ass groove.
 Kicking off her shorts and thong and now crossing towards me with the lads trying to put their still hardons away. She,with a very cheeky smile on her exuberant,I've been well fucked face headed to me saying, "Bet that was worth a fiver,going to give me one for it" I looked at her as I put hand to pocket to retrieve a fiver.

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   Another shock! "For twenty,it could have been you" - A moment or two too repond followed, "Not with an audience it couldn't be" - "You would tho'? if it was private like? I would as well" - Sat here with a totally wet dick,I found myself wondering,where,when and what would it feel like? - Then with what I could only think was telepathy, - "Wonder what yours would feel like up inside me?"
 She drifted back to her lads and smiling,flashed her money, - "See,told you he would, Bye grandad,I expect you'll be gone by the time I get back" - "Oh and I'll think of a way on what I said" Pulling her clothes back on,I thought,she has no shame that one,what if she'd been seen with her pussy out and covered in cum? Of course she had! BY ME. Well that's alright then. - On return,daughter said,seen the girls anywhere about? Two voices hollered out from above, "we're up here" - "She's gone with her mates" - "Oh,that's okay then,she'll be up the park" What ever suggestions her chat was about it was clear she'd been devoid of the earlier conversation around her. I wondered where the sperm covered skirt was hidden and for that matter where the sperm covered thong was yet to be hidden.
 It wasn't over for me yet,as I made to go and going for a final piss before hitting the trail. The sexy slutty one appeared,she shot up the stairs unnoticed. From above, "Hang on grandad,I'll be with you in a sec' got to ask you something" I moved to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see her pulling her thong to one side and with a piece of tissue wipe sperm out of herself. She looked at this residue,turned the slimmey part towards me with a grin, - I could see a lot of creamy coloured sperm on it,fuck this little slut lives dangerously, - threw it in the pan and made another deep wipe up through her cunts slit grinning as I watched her folds follow up the piece of tissue and close behind it. Flushed and with thong back in place,she shot back down the stairs and dragged me out towards my car with, "Got any sweets in the car? - back over her head, I'll get some for all of us"
 Now at the car,with the full packet of sweets in her hand, - "I know where and when you can do it with me. I'll let you have it next week,trust me and don't forget the twenty" - Slut,I'll have too tell her that's prostitution,but only after I've stuck it up her! Its clear where her mother gets it from,I've just agreed to fuck her daughter,my grandaughter for a fee! Roll on this week,I wondered where I was going to get it in her. Fuck I even missed my turn off on the motorway. Fuck it!