Peep Show


Peep ShowIt was another sleepless for Reece; he had gone to bed at 12AM and was still wide awake after 2 hours. He had just moved in a few days ago, and not quite settled in. He decided after the divorce, to just get a small efficiency apartment and save money for a house. Besides, all he got out of 5 years of marriage were his clothes, his old leather recliner, some odds and ends and the new wide screen TV, that was hardly enough to fill a house up; he did not even have a full bed; a new mattress and box spring set graced the middle of his apartment.
Reece got out of bed, and went over to the kitchen counter and poured a generous glass of brandy; lately that seemed to lull him to sleep at night. As he stood there gulping the brandy, he thought to himself that maybe he ought to put some warmth into the place, a picture or two, a sofa, and maybe even a plant. He strolled over to his open window and gazed outside as the cool night air bathed his face. He began to look at the building next to his, and started to stare into a wide open window directly across from his, with very soft light, but bright enough to see into. The building was not that far from his apartment maybe twenty feet or so.
Reece finished the last of the brandy and hoped it would do the trick. As he began to move away from the window When a woman and two men came into full view of the window. Reece recognized the dark haired beauty from the parking lot. The first time he had laid eyes on her, he thought she was a knockout. The two men were strangers to him; he also noticed their attire, both men were wearing untied short black silk robes and nothing else; the woman was wearing a short black lace lingerie set consisting of a skimpy black lace panty and a short black lace tunic tied together with a single ribbon. Reece picked the glass up and got another quick refill. He then went to his closet and pull out his telescope; another one of the few items rescued from his wreck of a marriage.

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He quickly set up the telescope away from the window so he could get a better view of the threesome and remain unseen by them. When he resumed his viewing, she was sitting on the coffee table and alternately sucking each of their cocks and fondling their balls with her long red manicured fingernails. Both men were now fully erect. “What a fast worker” Reece said to himself with a laugh. The dark haired man slowly pulled the woman to her feet and with one swift motion, freed her breasts from their black lace prison.   Reece stared intently at her fully rounded firm breasts and large dark erect nipples; each man began to suck and caress her tits. With the windows open, Reece could hear her start to moan with pleasure as they sucked and bit her tits.
Then the guy with the long curly blond hair moved behind her still caressing her tit with one hand, and with the other, slipped it down the back of her lace panties. The dark haired man quickly followed suit, slipping a free had down the front her panties; Reece could tell by the motion of his hand he was rubbing he clit. She spread her legs wide to give him better access. Reece determined the blond guy was finger fucking her ass by the motions he could see. She began to moan louder as the motions increased. Reece could tell she was close to a climax. Then the blond put his hand over her mouth and withdrew the other out of her panties and began pull at them, Reece could hear the flimsy material give way with one pull. The dark haired men removed his hand from her crotch giving Reece full view of her shaved pussy and erect pink clit peering out from her shaved lips.

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The dark haired man then dropped to his knees and began to pleasure her with his long tongue. Reece zeroed in with his telescope closed enough to see him lick and bite her hard pink clit. The blond began to stroke his thick short cock with some lubricant he had picked up from the table and the started to enter her from behind. She began to moan again as he pumped his prick into her ass with short fast strokes. The dark haired guy stood up and began to push his long thin dick into her wet pussy; she quickly climaxed as the two guys fucked her at once. While this was going on Reece had one hand on the telescope and the other on his 7” hard fuck stick. As she moaned to a climax Reece stroked his thick shaft faster and faster until he climaxed soon after she did; blowing his load all over the tripod that held his telescope. He leaned against the telescope for a few seconds out of breath; before finishing the glass of brandy and dragging himself off to bed for a good nights sleep.