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my name is mike. im a 34 year old married father of 2. im a chef and my wife is a commercial real estate agent who travels frequently. we have a great marriage and are still very attracted to one another,but this isnt about us. this is about how i fucked our 17 year old babysitter for the first time.

Angie was our regular sitter for two years now (since our second son was born) and a really cute,sweet girl. i watched her blossom from a girl to a young woman and soon she'd be off to college. she was a gorgeous,girl next door type and thought id never heard of any,i assumed she dated plenty of boys her age. one night when id come home from the restaurant,i found angie sitting on the couch in the den sniffling. "whats up,kiddo?" id asked gently. "m-my boyfriend dumped me and had sex with another girl!" she wailed and threw herself into my chest. i gently calmed her down and stroked her long light brown hair. "there,there. . it'll be ok,its a high school romance! you'll be off to college soon and there will be plenty of boys after a girl like you!"she looked up at me with big shiny brown eyes "so?? whos going to want to date a virgin!? boys like easy girls who do it all the time!" and she began crying again. id never in a million years would have guessed angie to be a virgin-she was too sexy for her age: long brown hair,big full lips, good high firm size C tits and a cute little ass always packed tight into hip hugging jeans.

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   my cock jumped a little when i heard she was a virgin. . . . "oh,honey,that isnt true. . " "i wanted to have sex at least once before i went to college!!" she interrupted, "so id know what it was like,yknow?" shed stopped crying now,but was fierce on this. my cock was growing uncontrollably listening to her go on now about giving blowjobs and handjobs and when she paused and looked at me she noticed i was hard. she got a sort of shy look on her face "the kids have been sleeping for hours and amy's out of town. . . . " i squirmed a little but my cock stood at full attention. "jesus,angie,i dont know,sweety,youre 17. .

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  . " "i'm old enough!! please??" she begged,and as she did she put a hand on my cock and pushed her mouth onto mine. "show me" she whispered. "show me how to fuck" i couldnt control myself after that and i kissed her back,hard. i was taking her shirt off before i knew it and she was unbuttoning my slacks. i unhooked her soft pink bra and those perfect little titties just bounced right into my hands. i played with her nipples while she stroked my bare cock. "suck it. " i told her. and she instantly complied. "i had my tonsils out this summer and they messed up the surgery so now i have no gag reflex. . . " a she said this she took my whole eight inch cock down her throat. i nearly shot my load right there! i stood up and she got on her knees in front of me.

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   she was slowly moving her mouth up and down my dick slurping up the juices. when i couldnt take it anymore i started gently fucking her throat,thrusting my hips into her face,she moaned and loved it,then pulled away "im so wet!! please fuck me! please!"
how could i say no to that?? i threw her down onto the couch and climbed on top of her. "this is going to hurt a little,but then itll be ok,ok?" she nodded and anxiously bit her lip. i but the head of my cock on her little slit and pushed a little then took it out and played with her sweet pink pussy lips,teasing her and making her good and slippery for my thick member. she was moaning and ready so i slipped it in slowly feeling the hymen give as i was halfway in. she squealed and moaned "dont stop!" so i pushed ahead. i slowly pulled back and could see a little blood on my dick. i remembered that i was fucking a virgin and got instantly harder. i couldnt hold back and i started thrusting into her. she was moaning and whimpering my name. i didnt want to cum too soon so i flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style. she went WILD for it and was practically screaming my name and i screwed her tight little pussy and spanked her ass. "i cant cum in you,its too risky" i told her. she grabbed my cock and was rubbing it all over her dripping wet pussy,my cock was soaked! she started to tease her little brown hole with it and looked back at me and said "will you fuck me here,too??" i pushed gently into her "oh,fuck yes. .

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  " i said and stuffed my cock into that tight little asshole. i was in heaven and she was moaning "oh god yes,mike,fuck my little asshole!" i pumped into her a few times and could feel the cum ready to burst so i pulled my dick out,flipped her over and opened her little mouth shotting my entire load onto her tongue and chin. she lapped it all up and smiled. "i knew that would be amazing" she said breathlessly. "well,i gotta go. ill see you when i come to watch the kids on thursday,right?""yeah" i told her Amy'll be out of town til next week" she winked at me and walked out the door. . i knew we'd fuck again. . .