The Devil Does Care


He was a short man, about five five in height. At 22 years old he was still a virgin. It was not a choice for him to have not had sex, and often times he found himself intimate with a girl. But, his problem was closing. He could never seal the deal.
He woke early on Sunday morning with a raging hard on. He had been having a wonderful dream of feeling up some really nice titties, but he had not seen the face of his lover. He shook his head to wake himself, his hard on slowly becoming limp. He sighed with disappointment.
After using the restroom he went to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee, sat down in front of the T. V. and flipped through the channels. His laptop lay on the table in front of him. He often toyed with the idea of finding someone who wanted have sex online, perhaps Craigslist of another similar site. The idea was not appealing, he figured the situation would just make him feel awkward. He was lost in thought of having sex.

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“Good lord! I need the sweet embrace of a lovely woman and soon or I might just explode. ” The words were spoken aloud and he sighed as soon as he said it, sad with the thought of his lowliness.
He was startled as there was a knock on the door. He realized that in thinking about sex he had another hard on, he tucked it up into his waist band, tightened his robe and went to the door.
A startling woman in a red dress was standing before him. She had long flowing black hair, dark cream colored skin, and penetrating eyes that seemed to sparkle with red. He stared in disbelief and said, “Hi. ”
“Good morning Colin. ” She simply stated while edging closer to him.
“Do I know you?”
“You will soon. I have known you for awhile, your disappointments, your dreams, your wishes. ”
He was at a loss for words. Who was this stunning woman and how did she know him, how could she know his shortcomings. “Um … ,” he stammered.
“Are you going to leave me out here?”
“Oh, please, come in” She gracefully walked over the threshold.

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   They walked to the living room and sat on the couch. He offered her coffee, but she declined.
“Too introduce myself,” she cooed, “I am not from your world, and I have many names. I live in a world where many people from this world end up, but you have nothing to fear. Call me Mona. ”
“Mona. ” He stared at her, she was absolutely gorgeous. He noticed her bare shoulders, the smooth slope of her neck that lead right to the amazing breasts that he just longed to hold. Her thin mid-section that blossomed into curvy hips, and her long tantalizing legs. Even her toes were glorious.
“Colin, I am here to offer you the key to your dreams. ” His eyebrows raised, he realized now that he was going to get to put his hands on her, he was going to get to do exactly what he had dreamed of doing.
“Whatever the conditions are, I am in. ” He moved closer to her, there was no need for the small talk that usually came with these things, he was ready, more ready than he had ever been. She smiled, he began to feel hot, to feel his hard on coming back.

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   He would have to control himself.
She stood, turned her back on him, walked to the stereo and put on some music. Flamenco, how sexy. He was standing now too, he took his robe off, only wearing boxers now. He removed his boxers, he had a full boner. She strode right too him, pushed him onto the sofa hard. He put his head back in pain, then realized she had put her mouth right over the tip of his penis. It felt amazing, the warm caressing action of her tongue. Her lips gently kissing the tip as she withdrew the cock from her mouth. It was happening so fast. Like a vortex taking control of him, starting with his genitals and reaching the deep recesses of his mind. Before he could even think about control his orgasm, he exploded in ecstasy. Load after load of cum spewed into her throat and she lapped up every last bit.
He panted with derision, his legs too weak to stand. She smiled, it was a smile that seemed to say she was enjoying this.

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   This might not be some ploy after all. She reached her arms to her back, and her dress fell slowly to the floor. His eyes focusing on her beautiful, luscious breasts, and then down to her vagina. It was not completely shaved. She had a impeccably formed triangle of shocking black hair. She walked up to him and sat down, resting her long legs across his lap. She put her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes. He stared back. There seemed to be fire in those tantalizing eyes. He could easily get lost. He moved his head closer to hers, ready to kiss her full, red lips, stopping just short of reaching them.
Again, she smiled, closed the distance and locked in embrace. Those lips on his was like heaven. Not quite heaven, this was better, it seemed wrong that someone this hot was here, with him. They broke the embrace.

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   She slid over, leaving a leg on either side of him. His penis was completely hard again, it took less than two minutes for it to rise to the occasion. She grabbed his shaft, none too gently, and guided in into her pussy. She was completely wet. His head feel back in complete pleasure. It was better than he could possibly imagined. So warm, wet, tight, and inviting. They sat there like that for about a minute. He was sucking on her nipples and she was massaging his head, running her silky fingers through his hair. It felt amazing to just have his hard cock so deep inside her.
She kissed him on the lips and then began rocking up and down. Slowly, very slowly, accenting the motion by almost letting the cock fall out before falling right back down on his lap. Every third stroke she would keep his cock all the way in and do a circle motion hitting her g-spot. She was wonderful, knew exactly what to do to pleasure him as well as pleasure herself. For him it was seeing her building her orgasm that made him feel even better.

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She started stroking faster now. Her orgasm was going to cum soon. She held onto his shoulders, he held on to her waist, sometimes reaching back to massage her curvy ass. Her hair was falling onto his face and he took deep breaths to smell the sweetness coming off her. Her juices began to leak from her, causing that smacking sound to be louder with each stroke. She was moaning, louder and louder. Then she came. Her pussy pulsing on his cock. She was screaming in ecstasy and he could not take it anymore, her pussy was demanding his sperm. He came, even harder than the first time.
They sat there in the aftermath of the orgasms, his cock still hard inside of her. They kissed each other and smiled, she hugged him tight.
“Now I must tell you why I am really here,” she said plainly.
“You mean it wasn’t to take my virginity?”
“It was to have your child, and to take you with me. ”
He sat there, not knowing what to say.

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   Of course he would be glad to give her a child and to stay with. She was the most glorious woman ever. “Where are we going. ”
“Back to hell, for I must rule over my domain. I have chosen you to be with me. You have already agreed. ”
“I would have it no other way. ” He secretly thought, after all those years that God did not answer my requests and dreams, of course I would say yes to the Devil.

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