The Grove


Topic: Chapter One: Scenic View    A few paces off of the highway leads you to a well-beaten path, winding through a sporadic copse of trees. Inching closer to your destination, you notice that the brush up ahead seems a lot thicker than in the past. The vines, brambles, and even trees have formed together to create a barrier around the very place you have been seeking. Staring at the twisting, gnarled foliage ahead of you, a sound is suddenly heard from within the secured clearing.     "What was that sound?" you think to yourself, stepping closer in obvious curiosity. Clawing through the branches and leaves, you manage to work your way closer to the clearing. Each step allows the eluding sounds to rise in clarity. When you have almost found your way through, you realize the sounds are the heated cries of a lust-filled woman.     You are frozen in place, feeling quite embarrassed. Yet, that voice sounds familiar. . could it be the woman you were searching to find that led you upon this escapade to begin with? Your heart thumps faster as you push and pull your way through, your mind begging you to glance into the grove to see if your thoughts ring true. With quite a bit of difficulty, and an occasional scratch, you are able to form a small crevice to peek through.     What you witness is almost shocking. A woman lay upon her back, stretched across the ground lengthwise. All that is visible to you is her neck, down to her exposed breasts and smooth belly.

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   Her skin glistens within the sun's soft rays, covered in a light moisture, while her chest rises and falls in a rhythmic pattern. Feminine moans can be heard clearly now, coming from this sightly creature.     Though you cannot see what is going on, her motions almost reveal everything. One hand cups her own breast, tenderly kneading the soft area around the hardened bud of her nipple. Her other arm is evidently stretched down lower, her hand not within sight, though the muscles within her upper arm continue to flex and relax. Her body ever so often squirms and wriggles about upon the softened forest floor, the light dancing upon every exposed curve.     The sight is almost too much, you can feel the bulge already forming in your pants as your imagination takes its turn to create vivid images of what she may be doing to herself. The vision of her face, eyes closed and lips curved into a perfect 'O' as she coos out her moans of ecstasy, continuously dance through your mind. Yet, a sudden flash of color makes you blink and peer closer, realizing she is indeed not alone.     You are taken aback as you descry what is occurring before your eyes. A young man practically slithers up the woman's body, his tongue flicking out to lick upon her sweet flesh. He takes his position above her, head leaning down and accepting her stiffened nipple into his mouth. You immediately become enraged as you witness this man violating the body that you claim to be yours.     Without a moment's thought, you climb the branches around you. "If I cannot get through them, I'll simply have to go over them," you think to yourself.

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   "I can't believe she would do this to me! Her! Of all people!" your mind cries out in anger. Even now your movements demonstrate an air of ferocity within your task, you are determined to reach her. You manage to make your way into a tree, staring into the clearing from its vantage point, the scene drawn out before you.     It is indeed the woman you thought it to be, she lay naked upon the ground, the man atop her still. He seems almost familiar to you, but it does not matter, it would not matter if it were a God there now, as nothing could stop you at this point. You stare on, the fire blazing in your pupils as his hands creep over her lithe form, stroking and caressing her every curve. She tilts her head backwards as her back arches, her closed eyes do not allow her to see you, though you still duck back slightly behind the nearby foliage.     "Why am I hiding. . . . I should be. . . .

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   stopping this. . . shouldn't I?" you ponder to yourself, yet your eyes never leave the two. As though becoming lost in their passion, your heart begins to slow back down and the bulge in your pants has grown achingly large. As you gaze about her perfect form, your hand cannot help but reach down and run lightly over your crotch, almost shivering at the wild thoughts in your mind now. Despite the immediate enrage, you are even more so excited to be seeing this event taking place.     The two never cease in their actions, not realizing anyone is watching, or simply not caring. A few low growls emit from the male's throat as he hungrily nips and sucks upon her swelling breasts. His hands seem to glide, without a care, over her body, fondling every bared inch of her flawless skin. Her thoughts seem as lost as her expression, lost within a trance of passion.     You have already freed your member from its confines at this point, your hand stroking over it roughly, not quite conscious that you are doing so, yet not being able to stop either. You almost growl out as well when your eyes come across the male's next actions. Driven with passion, his hand slides down her stomach, then lightly touches the outer lips of her folds, though teasing her at best. He loosens his pants, letting them fall down his form as he grasps his prick with his hand, proceeding to rub the head lightly over her wet lips.

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       She gasps softly, her clouded eyes opening, immediately seeking out the male. She gazes at him with a burning inner fire, her thoughts are written completely upon her face. She is nervous, almost scared, at the furthering of his actions. Though instead of finally realizing that maybe this needs to stop now, you become even more excited, pulling hard at your cock and squeezing it up to the head with a deep growl. Her expressions only continue to become more and more frightened, pleasing you even more, as she tries to squirm away, obvious this is not how far she intended things to go.     The male does not register the panic in her eyes as he grasps her shoulder with one hand, holding her firmly in place, the other hand still wrapped tightly around his full-standing prick. He positions it right outside of her swollen lips, rubbing it from the bottom of her slit to the top one more time, slicking it with her fluids. He grins, almost wickedly at her, then in one quick thrust he plunges his cock into her, spearing her upon its length. She opens her mouth in a scream, eyes shutting tight in pain. His hand releases her shoulder and covers her mouth tightly in one quick reflex, muffling the sounds.     She squirms wildly now, trying to release her body from the torment that he has suddenly caused her, yet every movement only causes her to wriggle upon his cock, teasing him even more. At this point, you are quickly pumping your dick with your hand, violently pulling at it as your eyes remain locked upon this vision of lust and pain. The man moves his hand up, wrapping it around her waist to encircle her back, pulling her form against his own with ease. His other hand still covering her mouth to stop her wailing as he uses her body to effortlessly slide her upon the length of his cock.     He pulls her even more tightly to himself, moving her up and down his noticeably large member as it pulsates within her.

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   Every time she rises, she nearly slips off of his cock, it becoming drenched with her own fluids. Yet he never fails to bring her crashing down upon it again, impaling her over and over with its bulging, thick length. He grunts out in satisfaction as he continues to abuse her nearly limp form, her struggles have ceased, allowing him to fuck her. His hand releases her mouth and all she does is suck in violent gasps of air, as the now free hand snakes around her form for a better hold.     His other hand eagerly descends from her waist, the calloused palm grazing over the satiny surface until it roughly grabs her ass cheek, painfully squeezing and releasing her ass until it almost becomes a bright red. She pants frantically now, the sounds no longer revealing that of pain, yet a pleasure seems to be hidden amongst them. This seems to displease him, her enjoyment in this meeting has become his last concern. The man drops her before him onto the ground and places his hands inside of each thigh.     Her expression twists into a frown and she releases a painful moan as her head thumps against the forest floor. The excitement once again seen within him, the male snatches hold of each leg and spreads them wide, his eyes taking but a moment to hungrily trace over the stretched petals tightly wrapped around the head of his cock. He growls with delight at this display, the sound of his hand cracking against her ass cheek can be heard as it echoes, not for long though as he once again uses it to firmly keep her legs from hiding the red, swollen lips leading to her silken caverns.     He groans in time with his actions, his cock disappearing in and out of her body, each thrust quite visible to you. The sound of his balls slapping against her reddened ass can be heard up into the trees, almost matching the sound of your own as you continue to pull frantically upon your own length. Your head swells and you sense that you are going to cum soon, not wanting to hold back from it any longer. The man's face also reveals this same emotion, his body tightening as he seems to be preparing himself to fill her with his hot seed.

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      She screams out in passion now, tossing her head as she lay upon the ground, wriggling in her own wild desires that have taken over all else. She reaches up and grabs at his arms, clawing them with her fingernails as she endures each pounding thrust. He bellows out to her, "Are you ready for me? Do you want me to fill you? Tell me you fucking whore, say it!" She whimpers loudly and nods her head, "Please. . . Give it to me now. . . Fuck me!" The desperation in her voice floods him with an ultimate satisfaction, the power of control reigning over his mind.     He slams his thick prick into her tight pussy a few more times, each one more violent than the next before he screams out, his cock twitches and begins to spurt long streams of cum into her caverns.   She screams as well, her feminine cries mixed within his masculine grunts. That is all it takes for you as well, sticky strands of your cum spurt out from the head and land upon the tree trunk, covering it in a creamy white. You lean forward and place one hand upon the trunk, steadying yourself as your knees begin to weaken with the pleasurable force that is coursing through your veins.     As you try to recover from this long-awaited release, the man merely stands up, leaving her upon the ground in a tousled heap. He closes his pants and grabs his shirt off of the ground, then with one last glance over her form, he murmurs that he will be back soon to have her again.

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   She does not reply, she lay still, her breathing still formed in desperate pants as it is obvious that she was able to reach her peak fully, yet taken so by the pleasure she does not move. He walks away, leaving her there, vulnerable to what may come next. .
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