The Kindness of Strangers


This is gonna sound totally unsafe, but when this happened to me, times were different. I’ll never regret it.

I had just turned 18 and i knew a lot about 'myself' so, let’s just say I didn’t play with dolls as a young teen. I was forever finding a new way to get myself off, whether it was leaving my bedroom door open, watching porn or rubbing myself against many pillows. From then I knew I wanted to have sex whenever the oppurtunity arose.

My parents regularly took holidays or weekends away and I’d be left to my own devices. I was always a lone late night walker but unbeknown to myself, not totally alone.

I was walking through town late one night, when I noticed a dark shape following me. I though nothing of it and carried on. Every alley, street I took, so did they. I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I stopped and turned to face them. It was a guy, about early/mid 20s. He looked like some kinda model. He strode up to me. His aftershave filled the air.

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He moved his head closer to me and whispered ’I hope I haven’t freaked you out or anything, but I er was wondering of you could help me. ’ I was stunned.

’Do you live near here? Coz I really need to go to the bathroom’

I didn’t understand why he couldn’t just find a wall like most men on a pub crawl, but curious to know the consequences I took his arm and we began walking. He asked to stop at the late night convenience store so I stopped and waited for him outside. He came out the store looking a bit embarrassed, so I got hold of his arm and we walked home.

The feeling of a guy this close to me, was amazing. If we hadn’t of been outside I’d have thought we were in a sauna I was so hot.

We got to the door, but he stopped me opening it and asked

‘Are you sure this is ok?’
‘Yeah, but I’m going to have to know your name first’
‘Jamie, Jamie Thacker. ’ he replied to which I added
‘Anna, just Anna for now’. He smiled.

I sat in the lounge waiting for Jamie. He appeared at the door, walked over to me and kissed me hard. I was shocked initially but I was soon equalling his efforts. He stopped and started kissing and licking my neck and the tops of my still clothed DDs. He looked up at me and I knew what he was aiming for.

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   I had no time to prepare myself. I wanted to lose my virginity but I thought I’d be older before any guy would consider me. Needlesstosay, I was flattered.

I lifted up my tee over my head and off. He gasped when he saw my chest. Then looked at me, smiled mischievously and went back to kissing my torso. My breasts were beginning to ache really badly. My tight lacy bra was cutting me like a vice. I stopped Jamie and pushed him a step or two back. He looked puzzled. I then turned away and began to pull my mini denim skirt down slowly, from side to side, wiggling my bum as it fell to the floor. I then turned back to face him and he was minus a shirt and jeans and plus a noticeable bulge in his boxers.

I said ‘shall we go upstairs?’ to which he nodded and we ran up the stairs. I stopped at the door to my room, thinking about my single bed. If this was to be my first time, I didn’t want to be cramped.


   So I took the plunge and pulled him to my parents room.

I sat on the bed and he pushed me back, kissing me harder than before. His hands roamed freely all over my boobs and thighs. I have never felt more alive. I could feel my French knickers getting wet and soaking through to the sheets underneath. I found out very early in my teens I had no trouble getting wet.

Jamie licked one finger and slid it down into my panties. I could tell they were getting in the way so I wriggled out of them and unhooked my bra, letting them loose. He looked up at me and said

‘I have imagined you like this for months, but I never thought you’d be this amazing’ .

I didn’t think anything of it. I pushed his head onto one of my nipples, feeling it harden in his mouth. The ache began to ease, but a tightness in my stomach was building.

I felt his finger flick my clit, and I nearly screamed. The pleasure was so intense, I had never felt anything like this before, even when I fucked myself in the bath with the water jets.

I wanted to ‘help him on’ a little, so I stopped him and pushed him over onto his back.

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   I just imagined what the girls did in porn and tried to imitate that. I pulled down his boxers and his 9 inch hard on sprang out. I immediately spat my hand and ran it up and down him and number of times. I then went a step further and began to suck my first dick. I was sucking harder and harder. Jamie was wriggling underneath me, moaning incoherently. His dick was so wet when I stopped and looked up at him. His face was pure lust.

He picked me up and said

‘I am going to fuck you so hard baby. I want to hear you cum for me’ .

That made me even more wet just listening to him talking to me like that. He parted my legs, while I propped myself against a pillow. I stopped him and asked if he had a condom, I didn’t want to take any chances, especially with someone I don’t know, to which he replied

‘Why else do you think I went to the store?’.

He slipped it on and I was ready. He pushed his thick head into my red hot pussy, and the tightness was getting tighter.

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   He pushed harder but something stopped him, it was my cherry. He looked up at me questioning and then asked,

‘You’re a virgin?’

I said, ‘yeah but don’t worry I want this SO badly. Nothing has ever made me feel like this, I want you in me now!’

He accepted my plea and pushed through. It didn’t seem to hurt, probably because I was so damn horny, but it was weird feeling something rip inside. He then built up a steady rhythm and said ‘If you want to stop at anytime tell me’ . I knew I wouldn’t need to. Jamie had satisfied everything. He pushed my legs further up and he slid deeper into my wet pussy. I had the whole fucking thing inside of me! I couldn’t believe the feelings. I moved my head up to kiss him, I could feel him smiling. He suddenly got fast and harder. I thought my insides were gonna explode. He screamed


My hips started bucking against his which brushed my clit with every stroke.

The tightness released. I screamed and moaned till my mouth was dry.

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   Every muscle was cumming with me. I felt something gush between my legs onto him. I gasped. He just chuckled and explained. I was so relieved. I didn’t want to piss on a complete stranger much.

We flopped, breathing heavily and slept in each others arms. I woke up the next morning, and we were in the same position. He hadn’t withdrawn. I slept with him inside me all night. Everything was so surreal. I was now a woman, in my parents bed, with a very beautiful stranger.

We saw and fucked each other everyday, while my parents were away. He explained he saw me in the street from his apartment above and jerked himself off everytime i walked past, looking down at my boobs. But all came crumbling down when he found out how old I was, apparently I was too young for him, but I'm guessing he had a girlfriend/wife.

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   I never heard from him again.

But there’s nothing like a first love, is there? That's the only thing we never forget.

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