Watching Mom Masturbate - Part 1


My ankle was bothering me so I left the basketball court in the park near my house early.   Normally, I’ll head there around noon on Saturday and I’ll stay there until dusk, but today, I’d been there less than a few I come home in game clothes and head up stairs.   I go into my room and start to put on some fresh clothes.   I’ contemplating homework versus video games when I hear a sound from the living room.   I head out of my room and I hear it again.   It sounds like gasping and a thud.   For a second, it almost sounds like someone’s I sneak cautiously to the stairs that I just came up and I freeze.   My mom’s in the living room, completely naked.   She’s facing away from me, towards the fireplace.   She’s straddling the coffee table between the couch and the loveseat.   She’s bouncing up and down, her long brown hair and big, full breasts flopping with each rise.   I’m I stand at the top of the stairs, watching my mom go up and down.   I finally see the dildo beneath her that she’s riding.   Attached rigidly to the glass top of the table, the dildo looks long given how she keeps rising.   She’s rubbing her clit furiously as she cries out without shame or hesitation.   Her taut leg muscles flex incredibly with every After a moment, I realize I’m staring.

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    Moreover, I realize just how hot my mom is.   Since she doesn’t seem to notice me, I decide to take advantage of the situation.   I sort of hide behind the banister and whip out my cock.   I start masturbating as I watch my mom cum over and over.   Each climax just means a loud moan and a more frantic pace of the bouncing.   In no time, I find myself jerking as rapidly as I ever have.   I know this is going to be As it starts to feel too good, I for the first time glance in front of my mother.   Over the fireplace in the living room, we have a highly polished metal cover.   And in the metal, I can see her reflection.   And she’s looking right at It’s too late.   I start to convulse, jerking back and forth as I cum again and again.   I spray cum all over the steps.   I’ve never cum that much in all my life.   I nearly slump back on the steps, my pants around my thighs keeping me from moving quickly.   I look back into the living room and my mom’s still.

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    I can’t bring myself to check to see if she’s looking at me again or I scramble back to my room and shut the door.   I curse myself for leaving all that spunk on the stairs but I don’t know what else to do.   I decide to hide out in my room for a while.   I start to wonder what I’m so worked up over; maybe getting caught jerking off to my mom, or getting the chance to jerk off to my mom.
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