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I've always thought I was attracted to blonds, but when I saw Maureen by the pool last Saturday, I think I've changed my ways. Maureen looked as Irish as anyone could. Her skin freckled, and her eyes so green, but I think it was her red hair that really caught my attention.

I was visiting my sister at her condo just outside of Boston this past week. We were having the 2nd heat wave of the month of July this year. The air conditioning was nice but I had to swim. I've always been on the water so to be this hot out and not swimming was just wrong.

A little about me. My name is Mike, I'm 26, single, and I live in the house my parents had down on the south shore. Eileen, my sister, was far too sentimental, so I bought her out when our parents passed. I'm not too far from the ocean, but again, Eileen doesn't like to visit the old house.

So, I'm out at the pool swimming laps when my eye caught a glimpse at Maureen, slowly getting into the pool. The water wasn't too cold, but it had a cooling effect. Once waist deep, I looked at her, and she was beautiful. Her face was round and innocent, her hair shining in the sunlight, and well, her nipples were rock hard. She saw me looking at her and smiled, as she tried to cover herself up.

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  "Just jump on and get it over with" I suggested. "No, it's too cold" she replied, but the next thing you know, she was under the water.

As time went by, and it got later, more and more people were leaving the pool, it was getting close to dinner time I guess. I was still knocking out laps in the pool, when I stopped to take a rest. There were maybe 5 other people still down at the pool, including Maureen. I went over to where she was sitting and introduced my self. Maureen had the most incredible Irish accent, I could listen to her talk for hours I swear. We talked for a while, wading back and forth in the pool, when I learned that Maureen had just moved to town from Dublin with her family, and she had just celebrated her 14th birthday the weekend prior. She was an only child, and her father, also Mike, was in the renewable energy business, and was in the U. S. helping develop a new ultra efficient wind turbine. They would be in the U. S. for a minimum of 5 years, but Maureen being 14 now, may have to go back when she turns 18.

All the time she talked, and I listened, all I could think about his how sexy she was.

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  Her accent, her hair, her hardened nipples,Hell, I hadn't even had the chance to properly check out the rest of her body, but I know this much, I had to have her. She was pretty, she was smart, and she was quite mature for 14. I never did tell her how old I was though. I figured if she wanted to know, she would ask.

We made our way over to the stairs and got out of the pool, and this gave me my first chance to look at her body. I could see she was still developing, but my god she was hot. As she reached for her towel, I could see that she didn't shave her arm pits, and the hair was so fine, and light, I could only imagine that it matched what she had for pussy hair. We sat and talked a bit more, when another woman came down and told Maureen it was time to come up for dinner. Maureen introduced me to her as Mary, her step mother. Mary was quite pretty herself, shook my hand and told Maureen dinner would be ready soon. "Nice to meet you Mike", she said, "I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you". and she walked away.

Maureen and I made some more small talk and I asked her if she would be back down to swim tomorrow, and she said she would. "I would like to come see you again then"I told her, and we parted.

That night I went to bed early, I was tired from all the swimming but more, I wanted to be up early to see her at the pool again.

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  In the morning, Eileen went off to work, and I got up and showered, ate, made coffee, and the rest. Around 11, I looked out the back patio, to see if anyone interesting was at the pool. Then I saw Maureen putting her things down on a chair, and she sat down and started to read her book. Not wanting to seem to interested, desperate or the like, I stayed in the condo for another hour. I imagined what Maureen looked like without the bathing suit. I was really fantasizing about her pussy hair. I wanted so much to see it, god I hope she doesn't shave it, but I figured that if she shaved her pussy, she would most likely shave her pits. My dick was getting hard just thinking about it. I got into my swim trunks and went down to the pool.

"Hi there"I said, "how are you doing today". "I'm good thanks" she replied and went on with her book. I got into the pool and swam a few laps, and finally Maureen came in and joined me.

"Have you seen the city yet?"I asked. "No, I've seen the grounds here at the flat, and the ride from the airport, that's about it. "She said.

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  "Would you like to?I can take you it Boston, see some of the sites,then maybe we can see a movie". I suggested. "I'd like that" she said, "but I'd really like to see the ocean". "When would you like to go. "Being mid-week, it would be best go go today or tomorrow, but never on a Friday or Saturday. Anyone that knows anything about the south shore of Massachusetts, knows, there are 2 bridges to Cape Cod, 2 lanes each, and Friday noon time, everybody and his brother is trying to get down there. Traffic is insane,Today it would take 90 minutes to get to the Cape,Friday, 6 - 9 hours easy.

We made plans to go tomorrow, Thursday, we'd drive down, see the harbor, the ferry to the islands,maybe stop off and see Plymouth Rock and the Plantation, maybe even the Mayflower, or maybe I could drag it out and take her on multiple trips, oh my mind was racing. I went back to Eileen's condo early, got some of my things together and bagged up for tomorrow.

Again, Eileen left for work, and I finished getting ready to go. I met Maureen out by the pool, with her step mother, who just wanted some reassurance that Maureen was going to be OK, and not a bother. I assured her she would be fine, and even asked Mary if she would like to join us. "Another time Mike, I still have a lot of setting up to do". With that, Maureen and I went to the parking lot, and jumped into my Wrangler. As we were leaving the lot, I decided it was too hot, so I stopped and I took the roof down, and the doors off, packed them in the back, and off we went.

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  I took Rte 3 south, and got off the highway at exit 9, as I wanted to stop off at my house to put some stuff away, such as the top to the jeep, and I could just grab the bikini top for it, in case the sun got to be too much. We went into the house, and while I grabbed some of my stuff, and brought them out to the jeep, Maureen was all questions about the house, and who lives here and all that. I told her the story behind it all, and got some iced tea before we left. Maureen wanted to change into her bikini so she could enjoy the sun. and with that, started to get undressed in my living room. "Do you want some privacy?"I asked," No, I'll be fine here"she answered, and with that, I got a show that sent me right to heaven.

Maureen was now totally naked, she had just stepped out of her panties, when she looked up at me. My eyes must have been bugging out, my tongue was probably dragging on the floor. This girl was so perfect. Her nipples were just the right color pink, and so sexy. Her tits were not huge, but that's OK with me, I am partial to smaller breasts anyway, but when ever I saw her pussy,I was speechless. Maureen saw I was totally awestruck, and she just stood there. "Is something wrong Mike?" she asked, "you look like you've never seen a girl undress before". "No, no, that's not it at all"I replied,"It's just that I have never seen a body as perfect as yours"I tried. Maureen smiled "I am far from perfect" she said, "Just look,my boobs are too small, I have too many freckles, and this",pointing to her butt,"is just too large".

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I don't know when it happened, but the head of my cock escaped my tight-y whiteys, and peeked out the leg of my shorts. I have never been told I was well endowed, and maybe it was the way I was sitting, but it just peeked out of my shorts and Maureen had no problem pointing it out to me. "Do you always do that?"she asked, and all I could do is jump up, turn around and try to stuff it back in where it belonged. "It's OK"she said,"I take it as a compliment". I was so embarrassed. Not that I didn't want something to happen, but I just didn't know what or how to make it happen. I apologized rigorously, and she kept assuring me it was quite alright.

Now during all of this, she has done nothing to cover herself up. Still totally naked, and acting like it was OK, and to me, it was, but I didn't know what to do.

"Can I get a drink, I'm thirsty"she announced, as she walked over to the refrigerator. Inside I had a bottle of white wine, 3 beers, some soda and some bottled water. Maureen grabbed the bottle of wine, and asked for a cork screw. Still mesmerized by her body and her being naked, I just went in and got the cork screw and opened the wine. Maureen was going cabinet to cabinet looking for the wine glasses when finally she got two and went back to the living room. I followed her like a love sick puppy.

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  Maureen sat in my PAPA-SAN chair, crossed her legs, and held her wine glass out for me to fill. I fumbled with pouring the wine, but no spills, no mess. I sat back down on the edge of the coffee table and still couldn't make a word. She noticed this, and she took a sip of her wine.

She put her glass down on the floor beside the chair, and she reached out, took my hand and brought it to her breast. She was firm, and her nipple was so hard I could feel it pressing at the palm of my hand. "Is that what you want?"she asked. "No"I replied. "I want to touch all of you" I said. With that, Maureen stood up and took my hand and led me to the sofa. She sat against the corner of the sofa and sat me down beside her. She put my hand back on her breast, and leaned back and sighed. I brushed my hand over her tit feeling her nipple sliding across the palm of my hand,I could feel her breathing getting deeper, her chest rising with every breath, and my cock, got harder with every breath. Maureen spread her legs a bit, giving me a perfect shot of her pussy. Her pussy hair was sparse, and it was light red, and it was so sexy on her swollen mound, I reached down with my free hand and just stroked her hair.

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I got off the sofa and onto the floor, and placed my head on her leg. I blew onto her pussy hair, giving her goose flesh. her hair was so fine, it swayed in my breathing, and her swollen pussy was so inviting. I pushed my head forward, closer to her pussy, and stuck my tongue out to taste her, to feel her glorious pubic hair to brush against my tongue. He scent was incredible, almost a baby powder scent, which damn near made me cum. Her pussy smelled so good, I had to taste it, and taste it I did. Maureen quivered, then moaned. "I've never done this"she started to say,"please don't stop, it feels so good" and with that she moaned and pushed herself closer to me. I could feel her hands pulling my head closer to her pussy, pulling me so I had no choice but to eat her out. No choice, as if I would have made a different one. This girl tasted so hot, her juices so salty and good, I could feel my own shit leaking. I had pre-cum dripping out of me, like never before. I reached down and pulled my shorts and underwear off, and slid up her body and started to lick her tits. She felt my cock brush against her leg, and she jumped and pushed me back.

"We can't" she said"I'm still a virgin, and, and, I, well, I'm not sure I'm ready"

"Not to worry,we won't do anything you don't want to.

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  ,I promise", and I went back to eating her pussy.

I don't know how many times she came, but she came a lot, and all the time I'm making her cum, I'm getting nothing. I pull back from her and lay on my back on the floor. I'm tired. My tongue is tired, but I am not complaining about that at all. But Maureen is spent. I have made her cum so much, she is wiped out.

I got up, grabbed the wine glasses and the bottle of wine, took a swig and carried them back into the kitchen. When I came back to the living room, Maureen had me come over and sit next to her on the sofa, both of us naked, and my cock, still hard as a rock. She kissed me,she kissed me so hard, I almost shot my load. Her lips were so soft, yet firm, this girl could kiss. She reached over and started rubbing my cock, and I could feel more pre-cum leaking out. She played with that, rubbing it on the head of my cock. Her hands were incredible, then without warning, she had me in her mouth. She passed her tongue over my slit 3 times I swear and I started to blow my load.

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  She tried to pull back, but I grabbed the back of her head and I fucked her mouth hard. I was cumming so hard she was spraying cum out her nose, while trying so hard to swallow all of me and my cum. I pulled out of he mouth, and sprayed what was left on her tits. I couldn't help but smile with her laying there with my cum on her tits and coming out of her nose. I took my fingers and gently pulled the cum off and out of her nose as best as I could, and I fed it to her. With her tongue, she cleaned off my fingers. I scooped the cum up off her tits, and licked my fingers my self, then shared it with her in a kiss.

We showered, got dressed and went to get some lunch. After lunch, back in the jeep,Maureen apologized for not letting me have sex with her, but I told her it was quite alright, and I respected her more for wanting to save herself, and furthermore, what she did do was so fantastic, I could only hope I made her feel half as good. "I don't now about that, but that was the first time someone else made me orgasm, it it was the best thing I have ever felt. ""I'm glad you liked it, and trust me, what you did for me was the best I've ever had".

With that, she held my hand as we went further down to the Cape. .