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  • Milana reviews 02-04-2015
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    2015-02-21 2 hours Amsterdam
    : 10.0
    : 10.0
    : 10.0
    Extra Ball
    With tongue
    Without condom
    Yes, spits it out
    Natural breasts
    Multiple times allowed
    Real picture
    Milana - escort review from Netherlands Go to profile
    There is a girl called Milana
    stole the hearts of a lot of men
    comes to this city now and then
    she is travelling around and has no fears,
    may be she is one of the three musketeers
    loves to have fun, and makes money with that
    a little fun, can not be bad
    her pretty face, doesn't need makeup
    hope her job will not break her up
    if she wants, she can smile with her eyes
    she will not do that, to all the guys
    she is looking out the window, dreaming of sweets
    Human life consists only of needs
    She is a open girl, never shy
    like an ongoing train, time wil fly
    her lips are amazing, soft and tasty
    kissing them will make you crazy
    her body is stunning and tough
    one day it wil say, stop this is enough!

    Nobody is your CHIEF, including me,
    whenever you quit, then, don't forget me!
    open your arms, it is me again
    wish you the best, with a glass champain.

    see you next time, kisses A.