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  • Sandra reviews 09-12-2016
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    2016-12-08 60 min Amsterdam
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    What a complete and utter disappointment was my meeting with Sandra. Upfront of the meeting I had requested for some type of lingerie and announced to spark the meeting with a bottle of wine. Clearly there is an agent between her and the clients as nothing had come through to her at all.
    Upon arrival in the appartment, she opened the door but I saw that photoshop is a magical tool. I was directed straight into a small bedroom. Trying to break the ice, start a conversation and set a certain mood, I offered to open the promised bottle of wine. Sorry, I don't drink!
    After a quick shower I entered the bedroom to find her completely naked on the bed. No intro, no requested lingerie, straight to business. Mood killer 2.
    Getting onto bed her first question was if I wanted a blowjob with or without condom. Kissing is not possible, licking the nipples of her deflated "full C-cup" boobs is being avoided by her and touching her in private areas is met with a cold "NO FINGERS!!"
    After a blowjob thinking about somebody else and a quick shower, she offered a massage. A massage with her consists of some light emotionless stroking without any effort nor massage oil.
    After just 45 minutes I was glad to be outside on the street again. Thank god that I reduced my appointment upfront from 2 into only 1 hour. Not because of the money but I would not have known how to get through the extra hour.
    This is clearly a girl who hates the proffession she is in and can't get through the appointments she gets from her agent as quickly enough so she can get away as soon as possible.
    Somehow I do feel bit sorry for her...